The Shaw and Partners Doctor is regarded by many as the ultimate ocean paddling race. A crossing from the famous Rottnest Island to the stunning white sands of Sorrento Beach. The Doctor captures the ocean paddlers imagination as no other race can. Starting in the crystal blue waters of Rottnest, the paddler is soon into fast moving ocean chop, whipped up by the events namesake and nickname for the afternoon South West wind that prevails nearly every day in summer.

For the next ninety minutes plus, the paddler will be focussed on hooking into the steep surfable chop. The Centaur Marker will appear in front and the paddler will be entering the last third of the race. Up to this point you feel as if you have been the only person on the water but on rounding the marker, paddlers appear all around you.

With the beach in sight and the final run caught, the paddler will leave the craft and make the short run to the finish.