Funky Pants started years ago when Billy and Tracy Harker were organising an Ocean Surfski Paddling Series in South Africa.  Tracy was disillusioned by the paddle shorts available, not simply because of their lack of funk but also because of their atrocious fit.  The result was a pair of ridiculously comfy, fully lined mid-thigh length, paddling tights.  Funky Pants!

"Hi, we’re Funky Pants. We’re called Funky Pants because we make pants and our pants are funky.  Seriously funky.  Not only are they seriously funky, our Funky Pants are ridiculously comfy. 

Now with the ridiculously comfy quarters, cycling pants, cycling bibs and tri-suits. Basically everything you need to be funky. Fighting boredom, one pair at a time. 

Heroes, right?"