The Oceanic Collection

The Surfski.TV Oceanic Collection is a criterion assembly of the most amazing surfski community footage we've come across.  Trust us, these videos check all the boxes.  Energy.  Emotion.  Humor.  Awe.  They'll inspire you to grab your surfski and GO.

Faster Farther: Welcome to Surfski  (January 2019)

Exotic locations. Heavy seas. High wind and big personalities stuffed into skinny, carbon fiber boats. Welcome to the world of true adventure. Welcome to downwind paddling with Faster Farther.  

Welcome to Surfski.

6 minutes

Sharon Armstrong: Wild Downwind Durban  (January 2019)

One of the most awe-inspiring demonstrations of human capability and persistence when riding the open ocean's fury on a surfski.  Sharon is AMAZING.  

Flow state: check!

8 minutes

Surfski Guru: Day 4 at The Gorge  (July 2021)

Nothing beats a beautiful day downwinding and catching waves with your buddy at The Gorge.  Nothing.  Except a beautiful day downwinding and catching waves with your buddy at The Gorge with an excellent soundtrack.

5 minutes

Valkyrie Downwind: Beyond Middle Ground  (April 2017)

When the storms come, you grab your ski and run...for the water.  Check out this outstanding "Tale from the Longhouse" and watch the Valkyrie Downwind crew tear across Chesapeake Bay.  

We'll see you in Valhalla!

5 minutes

DALO: Best Downwind Paddling Video Ever  (November 2018)

We know exactly what you're thinking right now: "Yeah, right."  We thought it too.  Then we watched the video.  Then we watched it again.  And again.  And again.  It's true!  

This is the Best Downwind Paddling Video Ever.

4.5 minutes

Wilson Reavley: What is Surfski?  (January 2022)

Wilson has been putting up videos for a few years now, and this compilation of his 2021 surfski action takes the cake.  Paddle along in Deception Pass, Bellingham Bay, and a few more exotic locations with the Washington downwinding contingent.  

You don't want to miss this one!

3 minutes

Jerry V:  18 Til We Die (July 2019)

Jerry of "Zach and Jerry" fame put up this solo-channel video that shows no matter how far along life's timeline you find yourself, surfskis are always your ticket for a ride on the rollercoaster.

18 'til we die!

3.5 minutes

Carter Johnson:  Gorge Instructional Video (June 2016)

If you are planning to attend the Gorge Downwind Championships, it is EXTREMELY important for you to review this educational video covering thirteen key logistical concerns designed to maximize your potential for unbridled enjoyment of the Columbia River Scenic Area.

Thank you -- The Mgmt.

Zach and Jerry:  2nd Best Downwind Video Ever! (June 2020)

Zach, meet Jerry.  Jerry, meet Zach.  Jerry has already posted the Best Downwind Video Ever, so the most you two will be able to do is 2nd Best.  However, we're certain you'll accomplish this feat, in spades, because "Together, Everyone Achieves More!"

4.5 minutes

Toni Gil: Surfski Downwind (Jan 2021)

Toni shows us that green dragons and white horses can be found beyond South Africa and The Gorge.  3:47min/km...that's like...hrm...let's, divide...carry the one...oh, whatever, it's REAL FAST!

8 minutes

Kai Bartlett: Total Freedom Vega (May 2019)

This video goes so far beyond an explanation of the design process for the Kai Wa'a Vega surfski.  It gets to the very heart of open water surfski paddling.  The WHY of surfski paddling.  The scenery is gorgeous, the waves are awesome, and the action is beautiful.  Well done, Kai.  Well done.

21 minutes

Epic Kayaks: Jasper Mocke's Millers Run Record (June 2016)

What does it take to not only be a world champion, but a world record holder?  This video gets inside the mind of Jasper Mocke as he works to break the Millers Run FKT record.

"There are lots of days that are really, really good, but there are not that many days where everything aligns."

9 minutes

Ivan Lawler: Racing Kayak Masterclass (March 2017)

A class?  Isn't this a playlist featuring the best surfski videos of all time?  We were having fun, now we have to learn?

Let's put it this way: Ivan is a seven-time world kayak champion, and a three-time Olympian.  His world championship record makes him Great Britain's best-ever paddlesport athlete.  

This video is a treasure.  The replayability is unlimited.  Fight us.

72 exquisite minutes

Hank McGregor: Making of a Legend (November 2013)

Everyone knows legends aren't born, they're made.  Everyone also knows when Hank's in the race, he tends to win.  But this is so much more than just a story of Hank winning.  It's about the amazing relationship that Hank and his father, Lee McGregor, have cultivated over a lifetime of working together.

Watch this one on Father's Day and let the tears flow.

13 minutes

Joe Glickman: Sitting on a Skinny Boat in the Bay (January 2014)

An excellent writer and waterman, Joe Glickman was a two-time member of the US National Marathon Kayak Team, a passionate surfski racer, and an all-around awesome human being.  This documentary of the 2012 United States Surfski Championships is written and narrated by Joe himself, and features an outstanding collection of surfski history, race footage and interviews with many notable personalities from the time.  OMMFG!

25 minutes

Gone Wild: O N E W A V E (May 2015)

Sure, this video features an unbelievable three-minute ride at Cape Recife, South Africa, but the part that will tug at your heartstrings is that this short film is really about two cooped-up lovebirds getting out of the house for an afternoon to have a bit of fun together on their surfski.  

Vive l'amour!

3.4 lovely minutes