Here is a video that tells the story behind Jasper and Dawid's annual Downwind Camps.  They honed their downwind skills in Fish Hoek, South Africa and wanted to share it with as many as who are wanting to take their downwind paddling to the next level. They also know that they live in a beautiful place, and they love to share that with as many as possible. The desire to help others improve and share our home is what led to the Downwind Camps. 

Downwind paddling is such a unique discipline. It's very outdoors, in stormy, churned up water. It takes skill and fitness. It's adventurous. After a downwind paddle your body is coursing with a very addictive blend of adrenaline and endorphins. And it seems that no matter how much of it you just never get enough. Through the Downwind Camps the Mocke brothers want to help as many as possible experience the most they can from it.

Introducing the Masters of Surfski online video course, one of 3 courses about surfski paddling presented by Dawid and Jasper Mocke.  The full program includes 140 short videos covering a range of skills from the absolute basics to downwind paddling to training for events. Pretty much everything you need to know about surfski (or ocean ski) paddling can be found in these short videos.