2023 Madeira Ocean Challenge Race Stream

2023 Madeira Ocean Challenge - Nelo 510 Event

The Nelo 510 Challenge is a special  single day event held in conjunction with the Madeira Ocean Challenge.  It is a one-design race which features mens and womens categories across all age groups.

2022 Madeira Ocean Challenge

Nestled in the heart of the Atlantic, the Madeira Ocean Challenge beckons the bravest surfski enthusiasts. This isn't just a race; it's a dance with the ocean's rhythm. As competitors launch from Madeira's rugged coastline, the vast expanse of blue becomes both an ally and adversary. Paddlers slice through crystalline waves, their surfskis gliding like arrows shot from a bow. The horizon stretches endlessly, but the finish line is the only destination that matters. Every stroke tests endurance, skill, and spirit. The roaring sea challenges, but also celebrates human tenacity. As the sun sets, champions emerge, their spirits as indomitable as the ocean they've conquered.